-2nd Stage-


Birth and destruction. Turn your brain on and explore the unknown. What lies in the darkness? Our destruction is ours to create and yours to unveil.

In celebration of the one year anniversary of POST POP -2nd Stage-, the bonus album, POST POP -1st Stage-, is now TOTALLY FREE including stems and the digital sketchbook. Enjoy!

POST POP -2nd Stage- is a FREE experimental electronic concept album that dives deep into the darkness. 11 tracks, self-remixes composed to challenge the foundations of pop music. POST POP -2nd Stage- has an accompanying short story, "The Bad Guy" included in the download.

POST POP -1st Stage- is a bonus album with the original 11 demo tracks, a lost track, and two bonus mixes. It also includes a digital sketchbook with drawings and notes and all of the original stems for the 11 demo tracks. POST POP -1st Stage- is now available for free in celebration of POST POP's one year anniversary. All of the POST POP -1st Stage- material is Creative Commons-Attribution and will remain free.

Track Listing

2nd Stage

  1. Clear Head
  2. Jump Down (Blemish)
  3. Middle Ground
  4. Behold My Eye
  5. Bad Deal (Reality Compressions)
  6. Anything For You
  7. Reaching the Nopoint
  8. Removed From Reality (Discovery)
  9. D.E.M. (Digital Ex Machina)
  10. Empty/Dead
  11. Beautiful 12 Lights (Start Again.)
  12. + "The Bad Guy" short story PDF

1st Stage

  1. Clear Head (1st Stage)
  2. Jump Down (1st Stage)
  3. Middle Ground (1st Stage)
  4. Behold My Eye (1st Stage)
  5. Wrapped In Your Fire (Lost Song)
  6. Anything For You (1st Stage)
  7. Bad Deal (1st Stage)
  8. Reaching (1st Stage)
  9. Removed From Reality (1st Stage)
  10. D.E.M. (Digital Ex Machina) (1st Stage)
  11. Empty Dead (1st Stage)
  12. Beautiful 12 Lights (1st Stage)
  13. Clear Head (Abandoned Mix)
  14. Middle Ground (Abandoned Mix)
  15. + Digital sketchbook PDF
    + 11 1st Stage track stems

Animated Trailer

Get a preview of the entire album and the story of The Bad Guy in this special animated trailer!


As a special release event, Bryce (NESH COMPLEX) streamed the album with readings from "The Bad Guy" between tracks.

You can watch the video archive below.